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Default Re: Drumming cartoons

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Polly if I had an office job that is exactly the way it would look!
I worked as an entry level computer programer back in the early eighties for a while. I lasted about six months before I was back to working on cars! The office cubical just isn't for me. I was so bored at that job that I would fall asleep at my desk. Sitting there writing line after line of RPG and COBAL code! This was before the invention of the PC when the computer filled a large room and used IBM punch cards.
I have to runaround, I can't sit and work.
Tell me about it. I cannot deal with paper. If I file it, it's forgotten forever so I have to leave it all out and then these piles grow and spread. I never have to dust my tables at home. Bills are often paid after I get a reminder notice.

Having said that, I like sit-down jobs - they're safe and comfortable. My job is 99% on the PC so I can find everything with search functions. IMO the trick is to carve a niche where your eccentricities are tolerated. These days I dress casually, sit on my chair Buddha-style (such an old hippie) and get up and down 20 times a day. Once you have a rep as a useful loony, you are cut a lot of slack :)

Programmers often carve this kind of "mad scientist" niche for themselves. Bob, you're probably too normal to be a programmer. I've known many programmers (and dated a couple) and they tend to be either 1) Aspergers or 2) neurotic hypersensitive brainiacs or 3) planning to move into another line of work.
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