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Originally Posted by Strangelove View Post
That said, I think he was way above and beyond the "in the pocket drummers" - guys like like Watts and Rudd. You have to really listen to the subtleties of his style to appreciate how talented he was. Just try to play along to Good Times, Bad Times, or play that shuffle beat he does to Fool in the Rain before labeling him just an average Joe. Those sixteenth note triplets he could dribble off on the bass drum were also truly unique to him.
Haha.......I just KNEW someone would express my thoughts on this just splendidly (and I actually shoulda guessed it would be you, doctor!!).

Da best drumma eva???.........No. The best ROCK drummer ever? for debate and personal opinion. One of the most influential?.....Indeedy he was. History speaks for him!!
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