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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Yes, me! Although I was aware of, and listened to Zep, I really didn't take on much, if anything from Bonzo. I was much more into the drumming of Nigel Olsson, Danny Seraphine, Denis Elliott, Jeff Porcaro, Prairie Prince, Carl Palmer, etc, etc. That said, he certainly carved a style of his own and I'm sure my rock drumming would be better if I had taken influence from him.
Wow, so it is possible! Oh well., with influences like those, you can't (and didn't) go wrong. I was a big fan of those players too, apart from Dennis E but that was later on. At the start, it was all about the famous heavy drummers I mentioned earlier. With Dennis E I never got over the disappointment after buying Foreigner's debut album because the band included King Crimson's Ian McDonald. I was expecting curry and ended up with a hamburger :(

Originally Posted by jon e rotten
Four words: When the Levee Breaks

is it it awesome...yes
Beautifully put.

Originally Posted by Strangelove
You have to really listen to the subtleties of his style to appreciate how talented he was. Just try to play along to Good Times, Bad Times, or play that shuffle beat he does to Fool in the Rain before labeling him just an average Joe. Those sixteenth note triplets he could dribble off on the bass drum were also truly unique to him.
Agree, and he continued to develop too. When I first heard Achilles Last Stand and Bonzo played that massive Cobham-esque fill about halfway through my jaw just about hit the floor. His tightness in Nobody's Fault was mind-blowing too. You have to hand it to Zep - the whole band had fantastic timing.

Originally Posted by Fox622003
they are truly original grooves, there are others, too. Compared to Paice for example, who doesn't really have many grooves as interesting
True but, to be fair, Purple were a far less eclectic band so Ian P had less opportunity to be original. Ian did come up with some killer lines - Fireball, Burn and, especially, You Fool No One.

Another song with killer Bonzo beats was Gallows Pole.
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