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Originally Posted by jackaylor View Post
This may be off topic but im trying to find a vintage natural maple ludwig kit like the one bonham played in the early 70s with a 26x14 bass drum, 14x12 tom, 16x16 floor tom and 18x16 floor tom. do you know where i can get one of these vintage?
Not likely. Even back in the 70s I never saw another drummer with a 26" bass drum and a 14" mounted tom. Ludwig never sold drum sets in that configuration until just recently that I know of. For whatever reason, John was not the selling point for Ludwig back when he was alive that Ringo Starr or even Carmine Appice was, so they never sold a JB set. Marketing was weird back then, and you would have had to ordered that set custom, like he did, and it would have cost a second mortgage on the house.

Another nearly impossible task is to find a set of vintage Paiste White Label Giant Beats like he played up until the Houses of the Holy album. You never see vintage Giant Beats on Ebay - white or black label. Nobody can truly get that Bonham sound without those cymbals, either.

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