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HI Cats, just wanted to share the latest about my online lessons.

New Online lesson ready to go!! "How to Practice" - Don't leave practicing to chance. Developed to maximize practice time and stay focused! For beginners to pro's,
Have you ever wondered exactly HOW to practice. Most of the time I see players just "wing it". But practicing is a life long endeavor and serious business. It cannot be left to chance. If it's disorganized you will suffer practice burn out, waste precious studio time that you might be paying for! And of course you could be wasting your own time!! If you are serious about practicing then you need a system that will organize your thoughts as well as your material.
Practicing for hours and hours will do little good if everything you do is random.
This is a system I designed for players with a heavy workload of subjects. Learn how to keep your mind in order as well as your schedule. A very important part of your formula that is often ignored. "How to practice" has been a hit with drummers across the world. Now the system is finally on a video.
" How to practice" will change your drumming life" -Rob Steiner / Drummer USA

When you get any lesson from my online lessons page, you get my CD "Changes" as a bonus:-)

All the best
Live to play!
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