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Default Re: If you ever dreamed of playing in Buddy Rich's band, this may change that!

Responding to the last post, I'm pretty sure Buddy Rich is not dead due to the fact that he didn't keep a particular band together. I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure...Yeah, um...yeah...

As for the "Buddy Bus & Backstage Bootlegs" (or the Quadruple Bs as I like to call them,)
if you listen closely, it seems Buddy is more into hearing his own machismo than actually being sincere in his threats. The late, GREAT, Steve Marcus from the BRBB told a great story of coming off the band stand one night, feeling like he had done wonders on his sax. Buddy thought differently, and started yelling, screaming and threatening job termination, all the while attempting to unbutton a new shirt his wife bought him. In the middle of the tirade, Buddy pauses, changes tone, softens his face and asks Marcus, "Hey man, you want this shirt?" Steve says he doesn't think it would fit him. Buddy asks around for someone who might like the shirt, then goes back into his verbal beating of Marcus. That story says a lot...

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