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Originally Posted by dairyairman View Post
you have to place him in the context of his time. before him no one played like that. he and led zeppelin practically invented that style of heavy grooving and big, open drum sounds that everyone has been copying all these years, including me. he was hugely influential and completely changed the face of drumming as we know it today.

but if you put him head to head with some of the ultra skilled gospel, progressive, metal, and jazz drummers of today he probably isn't going to look all that impressive. even in his day there were lots of drummers who were more technically skilled than him, especially in the jazz world, which was going very strong in those days. he had fantastic chops too, but it was really his innovative style and approach to drumming that made him great, imo.
I agree wholeheartedly with this statement. Bonzo kinda falls into the same category as Steve Gadd IMO. There are guys out there who are more technical and can do all of this amazing stuff but none of them have feel like they do. They're both hugely influential thanks to their groundbreaking styles as well as their ability to play what is right for a song. Two of my favorite drummers. I can't decide who I like more. Probably Bonham.
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