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Default Re: John Bonham

The thing I like best about Bonham is:

He had huge drums

Played without sticks

Had a gong & tympani drums incorporated into a Rock drumset

His drum sound is unsurpassed, actually Led Zeppelin was the first band that I could really distinguished the drums in the song when I was a youngster.

Who has a better Right-Foot?

Totally killed not tickled the kit LOL.

I know he wasn't. the first too do these things he just brought it too the forefront more than any other drummer.

Bonham too drums is like Hendrix was too guitar IMHO , of course there are better musician's but very few if any that had that Style,Groove & Showmanship.

I've even heard stories of 30 min. drum solos who did that in the 60's or 70's in Rock & Roll?

Bonham & Hendrix were original's & that's why they have such cult followings not because they're dead.

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