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Originally Posted by mattyg@@ View Post
Ok, i'm about to put my neck on the line. I'd like to know if there is anyone who thinks John Bonham is over rated. What do you really think? Is he only a drum god because he is dead?
Would he be as much of a drumming legend if he was still around? If you're a Bonham fan, please don't attack me for this, I love his playing, but when I see other drummers of his era and the amazing drummers around today, it makes me think, was he really that much better than anyone else? Of course everyone has there own style and feel, but overall as a player what do you think?
You Sir, should be shot at the first light of dawn. I would hang my head in shame of even thinking this nonsense.(Can you tell I'm a Bonham Fan!!!)

On a serious note though, I think John was a class act. Do I think Led Zep would have been the same without him.....HELL NO!!! Was he better than anyone else....HELL NO!!! What he was, was a talented musician who gave Led Zep it's energy and Led Zep ooooooozed energy.

Sure, the quickest way to become a rock legend is drowing in your own puke but I think if he were alive today he'd still be giving whatever music he played the energy it needed to rock. I guess playing for one of the greatest rock bands ever didn't hurt either but he's name would still have been spoken by serious drummers for Aeons regardless of the band he played for, he was that good.
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