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Default Re: Favourite rush album?

Originally Posted by LinearDrummer View Post
It took me about 5 years of listening religiously to complete the CD collection...
First a Buddy Rich thread to make me feel old and now this. Ummm, well, my friend who was editor os some big Guitar Mag (not Vintage Guitar, i know him too and it is not him)... ANYWAY, i gave the Guitar mag editor my Farewell to Kings original concert tee so he could tease Alex about four years ago with it (and no, i looked online and there seem to be no image of the REAL concert tee). Basically Neil, Alex and Geddy all have that long hair almost hippie/burnout looks about them. Kinda retro-cool actually, i should e-mail him and get my shirt back unless he gave it to Alex.

BTW, i still have original copies of Rush's 'Backstage Club' newsletter Neil wrote and even the then new (1980's Backstage Club tee shirt). And yes, also have the 80's Modern Drummers with Neil on the cover. i really like Rush a lot, great musical creativity, expression and amazing sound for only three guys. Of course there is more to life than one band yet yes props to Rush for their many years of excellent musicianship and sound creation.

Why, oh God why am i feeling REALLY old today? (Sigh) Well, so are the sands of time.

"...Here’s a meaning for my life
A shelter from the storm
Pacify my troubles with
Her body, soft and warm

Naked in our unity
A smile for every tear
Gentle hands that promise me
Comfort through the years..."
Enjoy the Music,

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