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Default Re: Favourite rush album?

Color me the only one to mention it, yet my fave is A Farewell To Kings

Lots of tuned percussion, plenty of 'hard hitting' big sound, fast and slow drumming, yet some subtler drumming as well with feel and technique. Generally play Xanadu and a few other songs during every 'masturbation' session yet lack the concert chimes so use the bells of the crash and ride cymbal as their frequency is 'close enough'. Use the crotales here instead of concert bells Neil employed.

Another fave, non-Rush sorry, that is a go-to is The Flower Kings songs "Driver's Seat" and "The Truth Will Set You Free (live)". They use a drummer and percussionist, yet try to cover BOTH musicians at the same time :) If you have never heard either of these, may i humbly suggest you give them a listen.
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