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Default Re: Solid gold snare drum

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Edit. For about three years in the mid-1920s (1925 to 1928 if you want to get technical,) Ludwig and Ludwig Drum Company offered for sale a “top of the line” drum called the Triumphal... (thought there was probably only two or three ounces of gold used on each drum,)
About $50 of gold in those days. Good ol' currency devaluation (theft by central banks who call it inflation, but that is another topic and perhaps best to not 'go there').

The eBay auction REISSUE is far too high
Price: $8125.00

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Carey also uses a kit composed of custom cast bronze shells (3/16" thick and same dimensions as the SONOR) made from recycled Paiste cymbals.
Interesting, as some consider the best saxophones to be those that were made in the 1950's or thereabouts from used brass gun shells during WWII. i wonder if the same would apply to drums? The metal itself has been 'stressed' due to useage within an explosion of sorts, which is different than, say, cryogenics that has the metal form a tighter 'bond'. Hmmm..... the plot thickens! Have debated having my Sabian AA Dry Ride 21" cryo'ed in hopes of more ping. i wonder if they could custom the same cymbal from used brass shells.. and the results.
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