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Default Re: Football v American Football

Originally Posted by sufc.loyal View Post

I love football, but i dislike watching the priemer leauge, as yes it is full of europeans, who fall down like girls, faking an injury, they get the other inocent player booked, and then they are up and running like nothing has happened.

You will also find that 90% of Britrish fans hate players that fake an injury..

In the lower leagues you do not have so many Johnny forigner playing there, and so the game is as it should be, men standing up on their own two feet, and crunching tackles.

Plus the lower league football is mainly watched by the working class people still, football is still in its rawest form at this level, as the priemer league is very corporate oriontated, full over overpaid pre mondonnas, who cant stand on there own two feet, other than the English players.
SUFC. Loyal> I agree and disagree with you. As a Luton fan down in the conference, doing very well as it happens, i find that when i go to watch Prem football, it is just so boring. Its most probably just me, but after watching my club play, and play against opposition who are willing to fight and play a proper game of footie and earn the points unlike the prem premadonna's, and then to go back and watch prem footie, well the prem just doesn't cut it in my books. I also can't stand players who fake injuries. However there still present in the conference, combined with shocking refs, which just shows you that theres no getting away from it.

On the other hand, maybe were the exception, but the team i support that is being Luton, draws in thousands of people each week, and the players are on tremendous amounts of money in some cases. However biased you think i may be, i rarely see our players diving and cheating, that is the honest truth. However the opposition that comes to the Kenny in the conference has sometimes even been worse than the divers and premadonna's in the prem. Which imo, just goes to show you that whatever league your in you can't escape the cheats. Whether English or foreign. :S
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