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Default Re: Solid gold snare drum

Thing is, BD. Whether Big Dan is currently using them or not, he spent some time playing his "Paiste drums" and he loved them (and they sounded great). So when you say you're suspicious about metal drums I guess you are not talking about custom jobs worth a squillion $.

How about chrome snares? I used to have a Dynasonic and it was a classy drum. I don't think we can validly be metalist [sic] about drums. Drums made from all sorts of materials can sound great.

Bob Gatzen spoke for two full YouTube videos about reducing snare buzz. As for me, I either put up with it or turn them off. It's a bummer when a song starts and realise that you haven't turned them back on, and then there's a race to avoid the dreaded snareless 'bonk' on the backbeat :)

And if someone offered me that golden beauty, I wouldn't say no ...
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