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Default Re: Solid gold snare drum

Danny Carey's sets have always sounded good, Sonor or Ocheltree or whatever.

...I like the snare sound (esp. Sober), but honestly I wouldn't use it if I know that there is a unique sound that I'm hearing for that will satisfy me without the disappointment of copying someone elses drum texture...

...Carey's changed to a new setup, if you take a look on his website, he has mixed drums (and replaced the med and high toms with roto-toms), while still keeping to the deep transparent "tunnel" floor toms...and there are loads of electronics and synths...

...BTW...I'm a bit critical about wikipedia...not updated enough, and not reliable when it comes to specific facts...

...the gold snare drum sounds like a piece for Carey's kit, but I would say so, it would go against his spiritual commitments...

...if I could just remove sympathetic snare buzz...I know Bob Gatzen said something about reducing it, but while I'm still stuck in a garage with the Superstar...I'll have to hold back high-pitched-noise-induced-madness (no the snare shell is wooden construction).
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