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Default Re: How best to kick some one out of the band?

Originally Posted by Jeff Gordon #24 View Post
Honestly, diosdude, If I were gonna kick someone out of a band, I WOULDN'T do it this way...especially face-to-face. NO WAY, Jose'! Not the way I would handle the "sitch". There's always a way to be civil about it, and this way would never work. Though, I DO agree that you have to be honest about it. Just NOT this cruel.

But with your most recent post above, I absolutely agree with you 100%! No doubt about it.
Ah... 'tis a much CRUELER thing to let someone float through life wasting other artist's time because of DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR. Hey, some people can bounce back, work harder and practice more and the "how-do-ya-like-me-now?" motivation could be just what they need. It has been my experience though that when it comes to vocalists/ singers, as in the case of the original poster, you've either got it or you don't. No amount of practice is going to make a truly poor singer into a great one so the best thing to do to those people is shut them down and crush any singing ambitions from their heart-of-hearts. You see THOSE people at nickel beer Karaoke every Tuesday at the Come On Inn.
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