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Default Re: Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, methods etc...

Originally Posted by simmsdn View Post
Maybe it's just me and 20+ years of drumming, but the only people who cut holes in drum heads:

1. Were talked into it by a sound "engineer"
2. Bought a kit with a hole already in the head
3. Have no idea how to tune a bass drum
4. Have no idea how to mic a bass drum
5. Have no idea how to mix/record drums
Do you play with a twin pedal? It's a pain in the buttocks to play a non ported kick with one - there is too much feedback since the beaters bounce back off the head and not enough definition sound-wise. Especially for songs in which you play patterns/16th note doubles etc. It comes out as a mess. I haven't been playing as long a you, but in my experience I have yet to see someone who plays those kind of tunes with non ported kicks.

Having a ported reso depends on the sound, feel you are going for and even music you play...
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