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Sonor has (had?) short-work at the home factory in Germany, but that has nothing to do with endorsers. And also DW isn't untouched by the worldwide economic crises.

Thomas want's to do clincis to promote his DVDs etc., and Sonor has no good base in USA and it seems to be they don't want to change it. So he looked out for a company which gives him good oppurtunities in the States. So why not just asked at a good company round the corner? He lives just a few miles away from DW (like some others too, many pros are in and around L.A.).

As an endorser you don't get money, that's a misbelief. Right now only ddrum pays something cash, but that's the absolute exception.

Lang get's no cash from DW, it's even the opposite, besides at the start-up he has to pay for his set like the big majority of all DW Endorsers. At Sonor you get kits for free, but only as a loan, which means you have to give it back (sure that's not strict, but it's not that you are endorser and then get what you want).

Yes, it's about business, but not in case of the endorsement itself, it's the support, opportunities and network that counts.

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