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Default Re: How best to kick some one out of the band?

I've been watching this thread with interest to see how people approached it. I've never kicked anyone out of a band. Instead I just left if I felt it wasn't what I wanted or I had a better offer.

I guess I didn't have the balls. Not sure what excuse some of my male former bandmates' would use, though ...

Dios is just engaging in a little artistic licence IMO. If someone sucks, then why play with them in the first place? Unless, of course, the band sucks in general, in which case you'd want to choose your words a bit more carefully - maybe something like "Dood, you suck more than we do".

The rules sound similar to relationship breakups - be straightforward, do it face-to-face, don't be cruel, give best wishes. Reading Dios's response makes me almost wish I was a metal-head. It sounds like an uncomplicated way of life :)
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