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Default Re: Thomas Lang

"My experience with the custom shop is... you know... a unique bla bla bla"

Why do all these endorsers bother to emphasize the so-called uniqueness of their brand? They know as well as we do that it's all personal mojo, and I bet you can find soundbytes of Thomas saying the same thing about Sonor. It doesn't mean anything with regard to why he chooses one brand over the other. Apparently "I was in for a change" doesn't cut it, but why is a mystery to me.

That said, whatever floats his boat - if he's happy playing DW instead of Sonor, good luck. Those sound samples sound pretty good, and I definitely like him playing on wood shells more than acrylic. Which of course, does not mean that I would pry that acrylic Sonor set out of his cold hands if I could :-)
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