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Default Re: Solid gold snare drum

Originally Posted by BassDriver View Post
I...I'm quite suspicious about any metallic-shelled drums, the ringtones tend to set off the the snare wires loads, anyhow...I think a drum carved out of a log with a natural exterior finish looks much better.
Is this the same BD I know - the mad keen Tool and Danny Carey fan???

From Wikipedia:
Carey also uses a kit composed of custom cast bronze shells (3/16" thick and same dimensions as the SONOR) made from recycled Paiste cymbals, manufactured by master drum tech and drum maker Jeff Ocheltree (mostly on US tours as it is too heavy to readily transport elsewhere; The bass drums alone are 100 pounds each and special front-loading cases had to be made for them and the floor toms).
Whoever you are, stop using BD's login! We know you're an impostor!


PS. That gold Ludwig snare is sooo beautiful ...
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