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Default Re: Ringo Starr - why did he play a right handed kit ?

Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
Lefthanders feel very comfortable at a "normal" Kit. Because the left hand is so much more important in drumming, everybody lefthander is very happy to be a lefty.
For most drummers - not already arrived at the stardom as Phil Collins and Ian Paice - it's just impossible to sit in on a jam without changing everything - what a mess and arrogance that would be, lol.

Thanks for the answer. I for one definitely do not feel very comfortable, or comfortable at all on a right handed kit. Though I switch up on most everything else. In baseball I throw with my left, but Bat as a righty. I golf right handed, bowl left handed. My mom tried unsuccessfully to convert me to a righty to the point where I started stuttering, then the doctor told her to leave me alone and let me do what's natural, being a left handed person. I'll try more to play a right handed kit, it sure would make sitting in on jam sessions easier. Thanks again, Dave
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