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Default Re: Ringo Starr - why did he play a right handed kit ?

Excellent input and knowledge sharing.....Thanks.

Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
Lefthanders feel very comfortable at a "normal" Kit. Because the left hand is so much more important in drumming, everybody lefthander is very happy to be a lefty. They are forced from young age on to concentrate more on learning movements against the brain, so normally they are more "skilled" as normal people - see sports, where their percentage on top level is near 50%.

I'm sure most of the lefties play right handed, just because the weak right hand is much better trained this way. Then starting fills with the left - ending right or left - no problem - see Ringo.

For most drummers - not already arrived at the stardom as Phil Collins and Ian Paice - it's just impossible to sit in on a jam without changing everything - what a mess and arrogance that would be, lol.

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