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Default Re: Favourite rush album?

Originally Posted by BillBachman View Post
Permanent Waves may just trump Moving Pictures for me. The song "Natural Science" embodies everything that made that band great.
When I was younger, Waves was great, but Moving Pictures had more of the hit songs, plus the epic "Vital Signs".

But as the years pass, I do agree Permanent Waves stands the test of time better.

Also, if you don't have the Grace Under Pressure tour DVD get it immediately. It has by far the most clear audio of Neal's playing, and it is well lit with many shots of him going nuts in his hey-day. They play lots of great old tunes and he goes for it--it's great! -far better than any other video of them live in my opinion.
I agree. I have all their videos, but the camera angles and lighting on Grace Under Pressure can't be topped.

I originally taped it off of MTV back in the day. I was so thrilled with it was finally released on DVD.
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