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Default Re: Bobdadruma's birthday this Fri March 12. Come celebrate

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
I was so happy with the sound of that drum that I was shaking with excitement after the first time that I hit it on stage!
I played the panther at a band practice the next day with another band.
I kept looking down and smiling at my snare all during the session!

Aside from a couple of cheap snares that I use for practice I only have one other good snare. It's an old chrome Gretsch 14x5.
I always wanted a good quality maple snare so I finally treated myself.
The Panther surpassed my expectations by a long shot!
Also, I got it for a good price. It was a demo from a music store. It was on an eBay auction.

It's the little things that make life worth living!

The last tune was a total mess. Rob, the acoustic player started to play "The Eleven". I think? Im not really sure! It wasn't on our planned set list. I picked up on it as The Eleven and I began to play the 11/8 time sig. Rob kept screwing it up. I want to forget about it! LOL! Just like it never happened! Perhaps it was Good Love that he was playing? I never asked him. I let it go.

You're right, The drummer that followed me had a nice kit but it didn't sound that good. I think that he has tuning issues. I remember thinking that I hoped that I sounded better than him.
To be honest the sound guy had both kits kind of muddied. Both needed a little more edge but overall it was all good.
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