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Default Re: Bobdadruma's birthday this Fri March 12. Come celebrate

Originally Posted by jim_gregory View Post
Oh and by the way. You did seem to be having fun with the snare. It sounded great and you kept smiling at it during that tasty solo. Now I know why! Sweet birthday gift! The next guys little piccolo whatever it was sounded annoying till I got used to it. The Black Panther had a nice roar to it that I had to forget before I could enjoy his work.
I thought the last tune was going to turn into "Good Lovin". No?
I was so happy with the sound of that drum that I was shaking with excitement after the first time that I hit it on stage!
I played the panther at a band practice the next day with another band.
I kept looking down and smiling at my snare all during the session!

Aside from a couple of cheap snares that I use for practice I only have one other good snare. It's an old chrome Gretsch 14x5.
I always wanted a good quality maple snare so I finally treated myself.
The Panther surpassed my expectations by a long shot!
Also, I got it for a good price. It was a demo from a music store. It was on an eBay auction.

It's the little things that make life worth living!

The last tune was a total mess. Rob, the acoustic player started to play "The Eleven". I think? Im not really sure! It wasn't on our planned set list. I picked up on it as The Eleven and I began to play the 11/8 time sig. Rob kept screwing it up. I want to forget about it! LOL! Just like it never happened! Perhaps it was Good Love that he was playing? I never asked him. I let it go.

You're right, The drummer that followed me had a nice kit but it didn't sound that good. I think that he has tuning issues. I remember thinking that I hoped that I sounded better than him.
I kind of like old drums:)

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