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Default Re: My favorite sticks

I'm going to break away from hickory for a while.
I have some Promark Oak 5as...they feel great. I have dealt with Vic Firth 5As for years, but these are much better. Even better than the Zildjian sticks I happen to have. (have a pair of the Antivibe 5as mainly for my electronic kit and the dip sticks and some 5bs for general percussion use.)

In the future I will use oak or maple drum sticks. I still have the first pair of sticks I ever bought (8-9 years ago) a pair of Vic Firth SD1s. They are in great condition and still maintain the painted lettering. Something tells me they were made better then....

Oddly the only sticks I've ever had to break or crack (other than my marching sticks) are all hickory. Of course those were too. I've never seen a maple stick break or an oak one, so I'll be using those.

Anyone else like the other varieties of materials yet? I haven't been bold enough to try the plastic or 'carbon' ones or whatever. Too bad they don't have birch sticks...wonder why?
They have birch handled mallets....(better than that Rattan crap lol)
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