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Default Re: Bobdadruma's birthday this Fri March 12. Come celebrate

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Thanks for coming Jim. It was nice to meet you. I didn't get to talk to you much because when I met you it was only a few mins before show time and I was doing my have a quick beer and try to chill thing.
Friday gigs are always tough for me because I don't have time to decompress after work. I sometimes have trouble socializing because Im still tight from the weeks drudgery.
I guess that Im getting old! If I had it my way I would never play a Friday gig for that reason.
I was so tired last night that I was home in bed by midnight!

Let me know when you have a gig and I'll stop by. It will be nice to see you play.

Thanks for the compliments on my playing and my kit. I really like that Tama Stagestar. I was playing my new 13x5.5 inch Mapex Maple Black Panther snare for the first time. I just got it that morning. I unpacked it and I tuned it at lunch during work. I loved it!
I have a couple of more dates in Bridgeport in a nice little joint (St Patty's Day) but they are wednsday nights and I am canning that place. To much trouble on a work night for too little reward. Then a date at Petes in west haven which is a saturday night. Then it will be the occasional party and that's it for the summer. Shame we werent playing that night. Our Mr. Charlie would have fit in nice. Hey I found you gracious and friendly, and busy. Theres stuff to do! We all had fun.
Petes would the place to go but bring some sticks man cause I will put you to work! You can have Stormy Monday..if you don't mind of course.
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