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Originally Posted by Skulmoski View Post
I loved the bumpersticker: Drums not guns. But, I found on the following:

Most percussion instruments we find in music shops in the US and Europe were manufactured in a factory in Thailand. Some of the different brands are actually made in the same factory. Furthermore, the Kaman corporation now owns LP, CP, World Beat, Matador, Toca, and Gibraltar, so really some of our so-called choices just fatten one big corporate pocket. Many people don't realize that Kaman also manufactures parts for missiles, bombs, and other military equipment. They are proud of their military business.

I wonder if this is still true. Does it matter to you?

This forum isn't the place for a discussion on this subject, but in truth you can't even use money without supporting unsavoury elements in the order to be totally ethical you'd need to stop spending money in its present form altogether.
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