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Default Re: Instruments you enjoy playing!!!

I love dabbling with other instruments.

After my sister left home, she left a piano and clarinet around after some abortive learning attempts. I enjoyed messing around with piano and taught myself the first four bars of the Pink Panther theme on clarinet (with many squeaks along the way). A local friend had an alto sax and I worked out how to play the same Pink Panther line on that too :)

I especially enjoy sequencers and drum machines. The learning curve is a drag but once you've climbed the mountain and set things up they are wonderful things. Done lots of with them. I like keyboards generally and agree with Matthias re: piano.

Tried on and off to play guitar for many years but it hurt my fingers and I could never hold the strings down cleanly playing bar chords.

Love bongos and djembes of course. Love to try out timpani but haven't had the chance.

A bassist I played with taught me how to play didgeridoo (but not the circular breathing). Can be a very cool rhythmic instrument - a bit like beat box. I have one at home and occasionally play it and I don't care about the taboo against women playing them, just as I don't care about any archaic gender-based rules.
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