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Default Re: Drumming cartoons

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Oh sweet lady. That was taken with my webcam and yes it is backward. you missed the LOL at the end of the sentence.??? and I don't have a longer tooth. Just bad lighting. But I'm cool.
Edit my tongue is in the way. too funny. My son wondered why the teeth looked so crooked and funny.
Did you want to sell me the Golden Gate Bridge for just $10k, GD? What a bargain! So all I need to do is email you my credit card no, expiry date and verification number? Sure thing!

Damn, I messed up with the teeth all-round. I'll straighten up the teeth and send you a new one if you like. What did your family say about it, apart from the teeth? They'd probably be the best judges of whether I've captured The True GD or not.

Thanks Larry. That pic was based on a shot from a dinner while I was at a conference in 2006. It was probably the last time I got dolled up :)
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