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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


That, I believe was from 1996 in NY. We did a 4 songs acoustic set for VH1. It still gets played I guess. I don't remember much about that day. It was long ago.....


I'm coming to Canada for some clinics next week....if anyone lives in these cities, come say hello!

March 17, 2010
Just Drums (In-Store Clinic)
137 Willowdale Avenue
North York, ON M2N 4Y3
(800) 565-6676
Tme: 7:00pm

MARCH 18, 2010
Long & McQuade
The Hellenic Community of Ottawa
1315 Prince of Wales Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K2C 1N2
Store Address:
2631 Alta Vista Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario
K1V 7T5
Phone: 613-521-5909
Time: 7:30PM

MARCH 20, 2010
302, Rue Durocher,
Quebec, QC G1K 4W9
Phone: 418-525-8601
Salle Jean-Paul-Tardif
950, avenue Joffre, Québec, G1S 1V2
Does open @ 5*:30pm

March 21, 2010
Steve’s Music Store
Corona Theatre
2490 rue Notre-Dame west
Doors at 3pm
E-Pro Live / Korg Wave drum demo 3:15- 4:45
Isaac Dumont 5:00 pm
Flo Mounier 5:30
Todd Sucherman 6:30
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