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Default Re: Bobdadruma's birthday this Fri March 12. Come celebrate

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Yea Jim, Its all bits and pieces to me now also! Its those bits and pieces that I hold dearly in my heart. I also remember Johnny Winter at Toads. The Go Go's come to mind Too. There were so many!
I couldn't get close to the place the night that the Stones played, I tried!!
I also used to frequent the Agora Ball Room in New Haven. Remember that wonderful place?
Ya know I actually never went there..unless I did and forgot. Hey were you around here during the Uncle Chick Band days? You may have missed it. They were some friends of mine. You must know Tbone though. Keys player? UCB played toads alot back in the day.
I was out of the area for about 25 years. Between being a kid and being an old guy.
Was the Agora the place with the busted glass and the John Valby shows? Maybe I did go if so.
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