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Default Re: Bobdadruma's birthday this Fri March 12. Come celebrate

Originally Posted by jim_gregory View Post
Music by old dead heads for old deadheads. Sounds like a must see. I'm gonna try hard but I gotta be up and on my way about 5 AM so if you see me having to much fun show me the door man. Old deadheads have to work too. Happy birthday Bob!
I like the way the music rambles. Sounds just right.
My favorite shows at Toads were Asleep at the Wheel and Johnny Winter. Frankly that's all I can remember.
Yea Jim, Its all bits and pieces to me now also! Its those bits and pieces that I hold dearly in my heart. I also remember Johnny Winter at Toads. The Go Go's come to mind Too. There were so many!
I couldn't get close to the place the night that the Stones played, I tried!!
I also used to frequent the Agora Ball Room in New Haven. Remember that wonderful place?
I kind of like old drums:)
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