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Default Re: Drums and Guns

I know I'm gonna get blasted for this, BUT...

I believe in a strong military. I live in the US, Texas specifically. Do I love a military industrial complex? I believe a strong military needs stronger checks and balances just like any other entity. I think a nation has the right to have a strong military to protect itself from enemies, both foreign and domestic and it has the right to defend itself. However, I don't believe it has the right to threaten another nation or invade another nation for purely self interests. And I believe a nation has the right to acquire as many high tech weapons as it can in order to protect its citizens, both overtly and covertly. And I also believe a nation has the right to have a strong intelligence community to ensure it remains sovern.

The fact a company can produce military hardware and still manufacture drums doesn't bother me.

There, I said it.
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