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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
This is like saying there's a reason for everything that happens, whether we know the reason or not. However chaos theory makes such predictions beyond the realm of the practical.
Is there not a reason for everything that happens, whether we know it or not? Purpose, on the other hand...
If a chimp plays a series of random notes on the piano, we will have a melody of sorts but rhythm implies some level of repetition, which is unlikely. You could perhaps run it through a program that could detect commonalities but that would be impractical. It would be easier and make more sense to add a synth backing and random percussive sounds and call it Etude Obliquitie a la Pan Troglodytes No 1.
I like this example. It seems very fitting because while I don't play with chimps, I do play with some close relatives of theirs known as "chumps" and that's exactly how I approach playing with them: they plink away on their little strings or whatever doing who-knows-what while I try to hold down a beat - although, perhaps curiously, it is me that's making the grunting noises (hmmm, better look into that...).
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