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Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
You know, that was a pretty awesome attempt at showing how something without a pattern has a pattern.

Because even in the example I gave, the "songs" still have a starting point and ending point. And from that, parts can be predicted.

So yeah, I think you kind of nailed it.
This is like saying there's a reason for everything that happens, whether we know the reason or not. However chaos theory makes such predictions beyond the realm of the practical.

If a chimp plays a series of random notes on the piano, we will have a melody of sorts but rhythm implies some level of repetition, which is unlikely. You could perhaps run it through a program that could detect commonalities but that would be impractical. It would be easier and make more sense to add a synth backing and random percussive sounds and call it Etude Obliquitie a la Pan Troglodytes No 1.

Originally Posted by alparrot
...this is when Graham Chapman marches onscreen dressed as the Colonel and goes, "Right, stop that! This is just too silly!"
Al, silly is what I do :) There's probably a reason for that as well Did you ever notice that your username is kind of connected to mine - parrot ... Polly? And we both draw cartoons. Serendipity perhaps? Is there a reason? Sorry, I'm being silly again :)
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