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real name: Mike "Milo" Methven
age: 25
how long been playing: 11 years
origin of user name: cuz I'm Milo
top 5 drummers: Neil Peart, Bonzo, Eric Carr, Cozey Powell, Bill Bruford, Carter Beauford, Bozzio, Weckl, etc
make of drumkit: Tama Starclassic Performer, Tama Imperialstar, Ludwig Octaplus, Ludwig Rockers
make of cymbal: Sabian, Wuhan
where do you practice: my place, Skidmarks headquarters
are you in a band/s: Skidmarks House Rocking Blues Band, numerous top 40 cover bands, original alt rock group
covers or originals: both
what style of music: mostly rock, blues
favorite take out food: Wendy's
country: USA
one really odd fact about yourself: huge 80's geek, collect vintage gaming systems
how did you start drumming: my best friend convinced me to join the school band with him. Thanks Mike!