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Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
It's not exactly a yin-yang thing, but more of a building block thing in my opinion. Rhythm can exist without melody, while as stated melody cannot exist without rhythm. So melody builds upon rhythm.
Al, you could also say that all rhythms have a melody of sorts - just not necessarily very engaging or obvious ones.

Have a look at Aydee's link in the OP:

From Wikipedia's article on melody:
While in both most popular music and classical music of the common practice period pitch and duration are of primary importance in melodies, the contemporary music of the 20th and 21st centuries pitch and duration have lessened in importance and quality has gained importance, often primary.

Examples include musique concrete, klangfarbenmelodie, Elliott Carter's Eight Etudes and a Fantasy which contains a movement with only one note, the third movement of Ruth Crawford-Seeger's String Quartet 1931 (later reorchestrated as Andante for string orchestra) in which the melody is created from an unchanging set of pitches through "dissonant dynamics" alone, and György Ligeti's Aventures in which recurring phonetics create the linear form.
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