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Haha, don't worry, Scott still exists, and we are practicing hard every week.
My 'new band' is project band for a conference where we will be playing a full weekend for a few times a day. It's a worshipband. I auditioned for it, and I made it. Not because of my skills they said, but because of my enthousiasm and my focus. So, now it's three saturdays rehearsing, learning 35 songs or so, and then playing one weekend and after that it's done.
Nice! I also play in a conference worship band as you may know (the Dutch IFES band), and trust me: that is an awesome experience. What conference will you be playing at?
If you need any tips on this, PM me. Most important tip is (assuming the conference is from a friday through a sunday): don't stay up till 2:30AM on friday drinking beer and socializing. It's gonna be very tempting, but chances are you're gonna be practising at 8AM. Been there, done that... my playing was still fine but it does not work wonders for your focus and your mood... lol!
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