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Default Re: Solid gold snare drum

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
+7. Gold is really not a good metal to make snares out of. You want something that is tough but flexible and a light weight would be a bonus. Gold is none of these. You could have a gold plated snare though, that would be cool.
Heavy materials, just like light materials, are desirable for their own reasons. Even the heaviest snare still doesn't weigh much. Although there was that 70-lb snare made from a section of cast iron pipe somewhere around here.

I think a gold snare would be great but to make it would have to be very thick to hold the hardware. I think it could weigh hundreds of pounds and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I bet it would be extremely loud because of the density, but also mellow because of the softness. I think if you made a drum of lead it would behave similarly acoustically.
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