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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

I got four-piece fever and changed my ironwood drums from a six-piece to a four-piece setup. I have usually played on a mid-sized kit but every now and then I like to shake it up. Having fewer options and combinations is forcing me to play in new and different ways. I also went with fewer cymbals. I started with a 20 ride, 13 hats, 6 ice bell, 8 splash, 12 splash, 17 crash and 18 China (all Zildjian A Customs) but I got rid of the 12splash, the ice bell and the China.

I think the square size toms and tube lugs give it a bit of a steampunk flair. The bass drum is 18 inches and all of the drums are in square sizes, except the snare, with is 13 by 4.

In the music room.

Closer view.

Close-up of up tom with the flash turned off. I use a snare stand to hold the tom up. The little Chinese dude on front hoop is a bass drum buddy.

A closer view. It is much easier to move - the set is on a third floor, so less is better in terms of moving it.

From behind and above.

Elevated view from the front.

Looking down from the front. To conserve space and hardware, I stacked the 8 splash on top of the 17 crash.

A view of the up tom taken with flash. The badge is branded onto the shell with a hot iron.

From the side. I swapped a cymbal mount on a ball from the tom mount on a ball.

The 8- and 10-inch toms are mounted on a stand with the 12 splash and China.

A closer view of the stand. It's fun just to play them separately, like a cocktail set kind of.

The ironwood is gorgeous in natural light.
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