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Default Re: Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, etc...

Cut? Not sure if this was mentioned yet i used the old-school heated can trick.

Basically, go to the store and find a canned product that uses the diameter you want the hole to be.

Place bass drum head on heat-resistant surface (paved driveway as an example)

Take the sealed can to the bass drum head and make a note where you want the hole.

Open can, empty can (in garbage or eat whatever is it in), clean the can, remove outer paper and remove unopened side so both sides of can are open.

Heat can on a top burner at med-high temp (setting depends on stove of course).

Once heated, use pot holder to grasp can and use it to melt a hold in the heat.

This makes a hole PLUS 'reseals' the plastic per se, thus avoiding any tear problems.

And yes, this is dangerous due to high heat so please be a drummer with a highish IQ level if you choose to do this. i take ZERO liability for your stupidity.

It is easier than it sounds, yet wanted to give a full step by step description.
Enjoy the Music,

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