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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Hey Derek, I'm big fan of your work. I have been getting into the multi-pedal thing lately. I was wondering if you had some general tips for pedal placement & pedal settings. I have a 6 pedal set up from left to right.

Axis A shortboard w/ gajate bracket to LP Matador Cowbell.
Axis LB Hi-Hat max tension w/ 14" Paiste 2002 SE
X LB double pedal 22" Ludwig Classic Maple Kick
Gilbralter Remote Hi-Hat w/ 14" Zildjian Mastersound
Axis X w/ gajate mount LP Black Beauty Cowbell

All the pedals are set at 3/4 pedal tension, beater angle is standard 45*, the pedals on the cowbells have plastic beaters. Everything fits together pretty well overall, except the remote hat b/c it doesn't have velcro on the bottom.

I can play some pretty cool patterns and have gotten to the point where I can solo on top of some easy ones (say a 4 pedal samba pattern).

I was just wondering if you had any advice that would make my set more effecient as far as placement, pedal settings, general movement, and anything else you know.
I know its hard w/o a pic, so I will try to post some later. As you can see I am a pretty big fan of Axis, but I noticed that you use Sonor Giant Steps for everything but the kicks. Do pedals like that seem to work better for multi-pedal work?

Thanks for your help.

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