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Default Re: Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

Some of you guys' kits are just hilarious. Wow those things are monsters! Here's my little guy.

Pulse 12/14/16 toms, Rockland(?) 10" tom: Aquarian Performance II heads
Pulse 22" kick: Aquarian Super Kick II head
Ludwig Acrolite 1976 snare: Aquarian Hi-Energy head

Paiste 18" Alpha medium crash
Paiste 20" Alpha full ride
Paiste 14" Alpha medium hats
Sabian AAXplosion 18" fast crash
Wuhan 16" china

Vex double pedals (PITA to adjust, some bad design elements, but play well)
Pair of Vic Firth NOVA 5B's.

(click for bigger image)
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