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Default Re: Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

It's hard to get a good POV from the seat due to being very close to the corner of a room and with a cell phone but you get the idea. Pics of my old setup are down the page a bit, I didn't feel it was condusive to how I want to play and I felt I was getting a little stagnant.

Now it's more of a true 3/1 as opposed to what I was calling 2.5/1.5 (Same sized toms on the second and third but the third has a different resonant head, tuned lower and placed by the floor tom), I think it's working.

Heh, I just noticed, my 18 inch B8 China now always sits with the B8 logo closest to me. It's bent on one side and the weight distribution is off doesn't really matter too much to me that it's bent I suppose, it's a china, I figure it will just sound trashier.
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