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Default Re: So, what is it with Steve Gadd

Also, I don't want to knock those who essentially said to Terminator "Whaaaat?? Are you mad??" because that reaction is understandable too (and these are people I respect). It's so easy to forget how thrilling maniacal drumming could be when you first start up. It's surprising that I remember given that I probably have about two memory cells left after a misspent life.

But times move on, we change, and reality tells us that those "flash" things we played were too sloppy to be workable and we start looking at music rather than just drumming.

Mike, you reminded me of how awestruck by Steve's work on Al DiMeola's The Wizard with Mingo Lewis. An Aja-esque performance.

Mr Chattr, with all due respect, I'm with Matthias in that I could practice 24 hours a day for another 30 years and not be able to play what Dave and Vinnie did in the drum duel clip. Those guys are freaks IMO. And so is Steve, but in a different way, although as has been said he has major chops.

Terminator, yep, that cowbell groove he did was classic Gadd. He gets those syncopated things to groove like crazy. Magic! And I agree with Aydee that you have no reason to regret starting the thread. Hey, it got us going, didn't it? Keep up the good work! *grin*
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