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Default Re: So, what is it with Steve Gadd

Originally Posted by mrchattr View Post
Literally anyone could learn how to do what the other two do in that battle...with enough time and practice.
I know what you mean, but don't forget that someone has to come up with the patterns Vinnie and Dave did, too!! Plus I don't think this level of command over time and rhythm can just be learned with enough practice.
On the other hand you can as well say everyone can play the figures Steve played. Just because Vinnie's and Dave's solos are more "technical" outstanding doesn't mean everyone can a) invent and develop them and b) even play them.

Also, as amazing Gadd's grooves sound in the video, it's not really something invented on the spot either. Those are his signature Crazy Army and Mozambique patterns and variations. Not wanting to take anything away from Gadd (!!), he just went another path in the battle than the other two.
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