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Default Re: So, what is it with Steve Gadd

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
There have been some whacky threads here on DW, But this one wins the gold!
What's Up with Gadd!!! I LMAO when I read the first post!
The only thing that is, and has ever been up with Gadd, is his playing ability!
Glad I made you laugh :).

So anyway, I have been watching some of Gadd's videos on Youtube, and I am starting to understand why people respect him so much, and why he is considered one of the greatest drummers of our time.

After watching the video with Vinnie, Weckl, and Gadd, I noticed that it was him playing that awesome cowbell groove throughout with amazing feel and skill, and he did have enough chops of his own which, after watching a few times is more friendly to the ears than Vinnie, and Weckl's technical mastery. I mean considering he was playing things like this 30+ years ago must of been mind-blowing for the time.

I have also been watching videos of him playing along to music, and as a poster said previously, it does seem irreplaceable because it sounds so good!

Anyway, I do regret making this thread, but thanks to your posts I now can finally appreciate Steve Gadd, so cheers for that.
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