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Default Re: So, what is it with Steve Gadd

Originally Posted by Pat Petrillo View Post
Yes. Obviously there is. It seems your description of amazing, world class drummer includes a hearty dose of chops and licks..While it is true that the drummers you've mentioned, and others perhaps, can "out chop" Steve at this stage of his career, let me say this:

1) Steve Gadd influenced those drummers in major ways. Steve created, or conceptualized many of the fills and grooves those guys play.

2) Steve is a groove master who has played on thousands of records, not by flashing chops, but playing music, the song.

3) Steve has influenced probably millions of drummers thru these recordings and performances.

4) Steve is a WONDERFUL, beautiful human being. VERY humble, and down to earth for someone who has achieved SO MUCH....'nuff said on that one!

I suggest you listen to recordings of Steve with Chick Corea in the '70's. Listen to Aja by Steely Dan, just to start out. DOn't watch "dig me " clips on You Tube for comparisons.

I'll be peeking in on this thread, for sure..Should be interesting..
Oh Wow! Well said there Pat. There is absolutely no mis-understanding about Steve Gadd after reading this post, sir. Excellently worded and couldn't agree more.

You've humbled ME, Mr Petrillo. And I Thank You.
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